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What's the matter with jode.js ?

If you are Node.js Developers, or any developer that has been catching up with latest technologies for that matter, I am sure you know about Node.js. It is a relatively new programming language built on top of Google's V8 Javascript parsing engine that allows you to build cross platform applications. Node.js is widely used as a backend language in a lot of web applications and a lot of big name companies like Paypal have adapted it as well. It is definitely one of the fastest growing programming languages out there right now.

Same code on both server and client side doesn't really work

One of the reasons I see developers switching to Node.js is because of "Javascript Everywhere" theory. I have built numerous apps using Node.js and I almost never had a place where I was able to share code between the server side and client side. If this was going to be your reason to start using Node.js, don't.

The packages aren't that good

I love npm. That is probably the thing that i love the most about Node.js.Npm makes it extremely easy to install third party packages that you can use from/with the app you are building. But its not all rainbows and cookies with npm, what I found is almost half of the packages I find are either abandoned by their maintainers or are not well documented (heck, the biggest websocket library has a horrible documentation) or are coded poorly. There are some really good packages that are frequently updated and maintained, but having to search through packages to find the right thing gets frustrating.

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